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Son Wants Hug Mom Says No. Brain Dead Next.

Years ago a mother and her teen age son had a typical spat. He wanted to go somewhere and she said no. He wanted a HUG because he was going regardless and she said no. The next time she saw her son he was brain dead. She has never  forgiven herself. ( Just for clarification the people in the above picture are not the people involved) Just a reminder to all of us you never know.

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Business Women Face Tougher Challenges.

Sorry guys but I hate to break the news but your  female counterparts face in many ways challenges than you do. For all the “progress” that is claimed. I heard from a business woman yesterday and she was bemoaning the fact as a single mother of two she is trying to do her best but she just doesn’t seem to be able to stay on track. Then you add the holidays into the mix and this remarkable woman still keeps plugging away. One of the issues that women face in business is that they have to be aware of what jerk of a man may have other motives. The sad part is that there are men out there who truly do want to try and help but get stereotyped into the jerk category. There are men out there who were raised by women so helping women is something that comes natural. My dad was gone working so much that I never saw him. So what can women do? First of all take a deep breath it’s going to be ok. Get negative people out of your life.Period. Those folks just put added strain on you that you don’t need that. Keep in mind that there are men out there who are willing to help and nothing else. Those men may have gone through a life altering experiences themselves. Have your spouse go through 2 open heart surgeries 9 days apart. Trust me it is no fun.  We all need in our lives that one person that is only concern about what is best for you. So that leaves out anyone who might have an agenda. As a final reminder with all the  “hats” you wear in life you are a woman first and all that other stuff will get worked out.

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Alone in Her Own World

How many times ladies can you relate to this young woman just glaring out a window? The saying goes that men lead lives of quiet desperation. It may be even more true for women as strange as that might sound. For many women in today’s culture from the time they arise to the time lay their heads on the pillow it is all about others. Sure you go through your daily routine but are you living a life of quiet desperation also? I suspect for many of you that is the case and that is sad……………………….