Dark Thoughts That Make Us Human

Dark thoughts are those that make us human in one way and secretive in another. We put on this public face and yet we harbor thoughts that are so vile and gross that the mere mention of them would cause great concern by the local authorities. How many out there really wonder how it would be to kill someone and what method would be the bloodiest? Or wondering what it would like to cut up someone? For those who want to lie and say they have never had these thoughts they are lying!  At our heart we are carnal creatures with thoughts of trying to keep ourselves alive for one more second and if that means doing away with another then so be it. I know there are those who say that they could never do something like that well yes they can and would. If you found someone abusing your daughter ,wife or son you would want to tear that animal piece by piece. So would I!  If we would reveal our true inner most thoughts the society would crumble.  So are you willing to share your inner most scary thoughts?