That Scary Night and a Hospital Bed

As the years had gone on it was apparent that there was something terribly wrong with my dearest loves heart. Every test known to man was done and they showed a variety of issues with her heart. The final test was done at an area hospital and when her cardiologist  saw it him and I went through the “what if’s” and in the end there wasn’t a choice to be made. Open heart surgery was the only option otherwise it was just take her home and make her final arrangements. So after a meeting with her cardiac surgeon it was decided that he want a few more test and the surgery would be done the following Monday. Well when he got to her heart it was much worse than he thought. He ( and only he) had to decide whether to sew her back up or continue. He decided to continue. She got through that ok but still she wasn’t recovering as fast as he thought she should be and ordered more test. It was discovered that she would need to have a second surgery. That was done 9 days after the first and he was able to do more work on her. After the second surgery he came to me and told me what he found and what he did. He took me to where she was at and with one look I could tell this was getting scary real quick. With her being an RN for over 40 years all the machines didn’t scare me. What did was the way she looked. When I left her bedside that night and was walking down the hall I figured it was coming to an end. The fact is it almost did and for all medical reasons she should not be alive today. When I think of that night it brought us closer than we have ever been. As we approach the anniversary of all of this she is a walking miracle.

Something that is extremely important to remember is that how the kindness of strangers has helped so much. Never be afraid to reach out because you never know what others are going through. Going through something like this will change you in ways you would never expect. As a spouse you will walk this journey pretty much by yourself. There is a saying that goes ” if somebody truly wants to do something they will if not the excuses will come”.


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