Writing Naked Are You Up to The Challenge? (I had to keep this clean)

OK I know the picture is not of a woman actually writing naked. (Putting a picture of nude women on this site isn’t going to happen. Now since that is out of the way lets talk about the concept of naked writing. (If you choose to write naked that is between you and your body. )

Naked writing is when you write the first thing that comes to your mind and continuing. At first it sounds simple but is it? As we grow and mature we develop more and more filters in our thought process. Does anyone really want the world to about what your true thoughts? How about that thought about forbidden loves? Someone you want to spend all of your time with you know circumstances would never allow it. How about how you truly feel about your spouse.? Lets be honest about it if you have been married for 5 minutes you have thoughts that are probably not the fondness of your love. What about the in-laws? What about wondering if those are fake or real? What about what’s below a man’s jeans? What about ………. You could go on forever with the “What about’s) In the end the same challenge remains. Could you actually write naked?

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