So You Can’t Decide What To Buy?

So as millions of you get all worried about what gift to buy for Christmas here is the view for many more millions. The reality is that there reality is much more real that yours. There is so much talk about violence,sex and greed in the world and the damage that all this to the fiber of life. The real crime here is what the world has allowed to happen. There is basically no reason for this to be taking place. Americans get all high and mighty about how things should be but the fact is there are over 16,000 murders in America each year. We have allowed Appalachia to continue to wallow in conditions that we scream about what is happening in other countries. The fact is people around the globe suffer in conditions that as American’s we should get real about life and get off this     ” all about me “. I hate to be the one to bring bad news but what fancy gift you get for Christmas really doesn’t matter in the grand scope of things. Another thing that really gets me boiling is all of the pressure about giving to charities this time of year.  Those need to be supported 365 days a year. For many Americans who think they could never be homeless think again. The #1 cause of people becoming homeless are these huge medical bills that cause many to lose everything.  So is that gift really that important ? The answer is no and for those who believe is are only fooling themselves.


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