I Should Have Stayed For Her

It was a date arranged by a mutual friend. A relationship that in my heart will never go away. It ended with  advice from people who had their own agenda. Let me tell you more about her she was about 5’6 with flowing hair and a body that was  so perfect with curly hair and her well shaped breast. We hit it off the first time we met. Her smile lit up a room. We dated for several weeks then one night on a trip back from a small town in the north something changed. It had been a good day and as I was driving along she reached and started to rub between my legs. To say I was startled is an understatement. Sure I had thought about crossing  that line but I was never in a big hurry. It was up to her if that line was ever going to be crossed and if she didn’t that was ok too. I just wanted to be with her. We did become intimate and for the next several months we had grown closer and closer. Then something happened that changed everything. We went on a camping trip with her parents and friends. It was ok until a couple of days later she said that we needed to talk. Her parents were upset that I had started conversations with adults. They felt that I should have not spoken to them unless they started the conversation. I was in my early 20’s at the time and working in a machine shop around grown men.  I was stunned and just shook my head. I thought about it for a couple of days and ran this by some people that w ere close to me. Their thoughts were if its like this now how will in be in the future? So I ended it.  Some 30 years later I have often wondered how things turned out for her? I just hope she was never hurt again. She deserved better.


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