Same Work Deserves The Same Pay

 She comes home after a long days work and knows her male coworker who does what she does is getting paid dollar for dollar and she is getting on average 77 cents for the same dollar. What is wrong with this picture? Way too much. It is immoral for this to continue and makes no sense. Very often these decisions are being made by guess who? Men who just happened to be here because a woman gave up her most prized procession. Herself!!!!!!! Yet there are many of these same men wind up hurting women. How ironic is that? Over the decades I have heard all the excuses as to why and frankly that is what they are excuses! If you truly want to do something then you will and if not the excuses will come. Now there are women who use this as an excuse and have a sense of entitlement. That is equally as wrong! The world doesn’t promise us anything but narrow minded decision makers make things worse for all of us. Just think men how you would feel if from the moment you get up its about pleasing others? Then being slapped in the face  by a system that pays you less for doing the same work. I have an idea that you would do your best to change the system. So why don’t women deserve the same fight to see that they are paid equally?

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