Ever The Most Over Used Word

One glance at this woman and many would say she is attractive but not the most beautiful woman ever. The word ever is the most overused word in today’s world. First of all ever is a very long time and often it is not even close to the truth. Recently I heard a local newscaster say the incoming police academy was facing there greatest challenges ever. That is not even close to being the case. Those of us who are older just sit and chuckle. The hard part about those kinds of statements is that people believe them.  You here it so often on these cable news networks. It’s like come on folks we need to start being honest with people. One of the best examples is that of former Presidents or future ones. The reality is most of those have been pretty average and the ” great” ones were much more influenced by events they had no control over. That’s not good or it’s just being honest. Another example is when it’s said that someone is the fastest man on earth. How does anyone really know? There could be some person somewhere that would simply blow the doors off of the acclaimed fastest person on earth. So when you hear the word “ever” just pause for a second and think.