Holiday Parking A Tight Squeeze

Its that time of year that so many love and yet others dread. Those who dread this activity start with going around and around in circles trying to find a place to park. These parking spots people treat like a mamma bear protecting her cubs. So when you do finally find a spot or you see someone else giving up theirs you will sit there forever and back up traffic just so you can have that magical space regardless of how tight the squeeze. Talk about telling who needs to shed a few pounds and those who don’t! Then after spending way to much time spending money on things they really don’t need they have to figure out a way to squeeze into that same small spot  they have cherished so much. At least they have a whole year to lose those extra pounds so next year the squeeze won’t  be so bad. Nah it’s Christmas time and watching your weight doesn’t matter! Just think you have a whole year to do that parking spot squeeze!


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