The Holidays For Many

A young woman with her head placed firmly in her hands trying to deal with the pain she feels at what is supposed to be the happiest time of the year. Who know’s what is causing her pain ? The possibilities are endless. The fact is she is not the only one who at this time of year   face pain in many different ways. Those pains are there year around but during the holidays that are more pronounced. The culture crams this idea of the perfect family with friends all around. For millions that is simply not the case. It is often referred as the ” Holiday Blues”. That term is a nice word to help explain how many feel at this time. I was speaking with a counselor friend of mine the other day and he was telling me how swamped with new patients. As a very experienced professional he knew last spring this would rush would be coming and will last for the next few weeks. The thing is those people need help all the throughout the year but they will walk away. It’s like gym memberships spike and the start of each year then over the next few weeks fewer and fewer people actually use them. The biggest difference here is that we are talking about is the state of one’s mental health and that doesn’t fade away after the holidays are over.


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