Lessons From Decades of Dealing With Depression.

This is in reference to true depression not I am having a bad day depression.

1.) You have to be true to you regardless of the consequences.

2.) There are no quick fixes
3.) You have to take responsibility for your actions. Just because you are dealing with some possible explosive situations that doesn’t give you the right to treat others badly.
4.) You have to make a choice if you are going to be a “victim” or not. If you choose to be a “victim” then don’t waist a counselor’s time.
5.) If you are in an abusive situation then get out!
6.) It’s important to be aware of your surroundings. ( Especially on cloudy days)
7.) Get Negative People Out of Your Life
8.) You must be completing honest with your counselor. I know that can be really tough.
9.) You need to find someone you can trust that you can go to and just tell them you are having a tough day.
10.) You have to become selfish to some degree. Others may not agree or understand but this is about you. You’re not in this to win a popularity contest. Remember nobody can truly understand what you are going through.


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