The “Other Side” of Sexual Abuse

The bareness of her shoulders  represents the true way that you must deal with sexual abuse. There are no shortcuts but there is place called ” The Other Side”. What is ” The Other Side” anyway? The other side is a place that many in the mental health community don’t want you to know about for there own selfish reasons. To get to the other side is brutal and you will feel like you are going through hell and in many ways you are and that can’t be helped in this process. It took me over 4 years to deal with mine. Now when I look back on it I realize the damage I did to past relationships. When women would get close to those walls that I thought was keeping me safe I would blow things up. There is some bizarre stuff back there and that is where in needs to stay. There are some major regrets.

The other side is a place that allows you to laugh again and enjoy life with a minimum amount of medicine.

For those of you who are dealing with a counselor or psychiatrist  who likes to change medicines like you change socks then you need to find someone else. Any changes that are made should be made in very small doses. Those who like to make big changes you need to be wary of because remember it is your body and mind that deals with the aftermath not them. You have more control of things than what you think. One of the bad things about these ads on television and on the internet give people thinking they have more ” knowledge” that what they actually do. You do have a choice to be a “victim” or not. If you want to play the ” victim” that is your right but please don’t waist everyone’s time. If you want to get to the other side come on over but just remember the journey will be long and winding and there are no quick fixes.