4 Decades Of The Public Face of Depression

Depression a simple word that gets tossed around life a feather in a thunderstorm. The reality is those are truly depressed are the best actors ever. The public face of depression is around you and you never know it. I am not talking about the ” I am having a bad day depression”. What I am talking about is something far deeper into the soul of someone.  It’s a place unless you have been there you simply can’t understand it. I call it the “hole” which is a very small emotional place that very few have gone and most will never admit even if they have. We simply don’t. Those of us who have can win any award possible. We are very good actors and yet at the same time we are in so much pain internally that you feel your soul is going to burst out of your chest. The ” hole” can last for seconds or days yet those of us never know. Think about that for a second. Your soul wants to rip out of your chest but you are acting like everything is ok. It’s not and you will never know.


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