Boy Scouts of America Will Allow Transgender Boys……………..

So the Boy Scouts of America will allow transgender boys to participant breaking over a 100 year tradition. Their reasoning is another case of an organization caving in to the politically correct.  When will someone stand up and say enough is enough? I think it is only reasonable that churches take a long hard look at their association with groups like this that refuse to stand up and say ” we won’t cave in!”

Sally Yates Deserved What She Got!

This whole uproar over the firing of acting attorney general Sally Yates is silly. How many employees can openly defy their boss and still keep their  job? In the real world people lose jobs and it should be no different in government.

Madonna’s New Secret Service Friend

As many of you know Madonna made a threat to blow up the White House at this past Saturday’s women’s march. Needless to say the United States Secret Service doesn’t take such talk with a smile on their faces. They take it seriously and they should regardless of who the person might be. The United States Supreme Court has been very clear through the years that not all speech is protected.  The biggest fear is that this kind of speech can fuel the flames for someone else to act out. That is what is dangerous.