The Alphabet Labels In Mental Health

People with true mental health issues are in need of our support and help. The problem once again is something is happening in mental health that has often has happened in schools. For some unknown reason there is this desire to put a label on what is going on for a certain person. The question is why does this happen? First of all it makes it easier to label someone with that or this but the flip side gives the patient the excuse and the mentality not to face what is really going on. If I hear one more person say that they have PTSD I am going to pull out what hair I have left. It has become an excuse for millions of people. You see the most difficult thing is to diagnose what the human brain is doing and why it is doing it? I know there have been strides in this area but the truth is there is a certain amount of guess work still being done. So for millions they hang on to the labels. I am not referring to those who truly have the most severe kind mental health disorder. I am talking about the millions more who simply use their label as an excuse.


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