Older Women Real Estate Agents Have Something Special Going For Them

Those women who have chosen to continue their careers as they age are bringing  special skills that younger agents do not have. Buying a home is much more than just the numbers,location etc. It’s about trust. When you seek out an agent you will have certain criteria that you feel meets your needs. What many younger agents miss is that once a man reaches a certain age he simply doesn’t want to have to deal with the male testosterone nonsense because they were raised by women.  It has nothing to do with those things  many would think it is about. For many men who have gone through life changes ( often concerning their spouse) they want someone who they can just open up and say ” this is where I am at and where do we go concerning this house?” There is no replacement for experience. There simply isn’t. I am not saying that there are not good younger female agents because there are and that cannot be denied. There are older female agents that need to go do something else. It’s a tough walk for many older men to go through and they really don’t want to have to deal with nonsense. Many older female agents have had many of the same life experiences and therefore they understand. As I have said about the white hair on my face. Every single one of those white hairs has been earned.


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