Women Getting Ripped Off On Household Repairs They Can Do Themselves

Ladies here is a fact of life and it just tics me off. Many women are getting ripped off by many companies. The see the fact  that  your a female and assume that you have a neon sign that says ” I’m stupid so please take my money”. In my many years of working in Condominium and Apartment complexes you see things and just shake your head.

Here is a fact. Most home repairs are not that terribly difficult to fix from the roof to the floor. When it comes to your roof there is one imperative and that is safety comes first. If you have an older roof then you may need the help of a contractor but that contractor must be bonded and licensed and under NO circumstances do you deal with contractors alone. There are basic things to look for on a roof such as lose shingles and flashing that has pulled up. Those normally can be repaired without much of a hassle. When it comes to gutters there are a couple of things that you need to be aware of and the first one is are the gutters loose in anyway. I do recommend that you do have gutter guards to keep any debris out of them. For those who live in colder climates and deal with snow and the like improperly installed gutters can cause a nightmare. The nightmare is that your gutters are loose and water gets up under them and goes down the inner wall of your home. Water can do some weird stuff. I had a situation in which a condo owner come to me about water that was leaking around her shower exhaust fan. I figured no problem. Boy was I wrong. I could not find it. After have 6 roofing companies try and find where the water was coming from a young man found it. What was happening was the water was coming in on one end of the building going down a beam that ran the entire length of the building and then down into that exhaust fan. The repair itself took maybe 30 minutes.

Water can be your worst nightmare. When you look at the foundation of your home you want to make sure that any water is running away from the foundation. When it comes to your heating and cooling system you need to have it checked at least 2 times a year during off peak time. Why off peak? First the company you are dealing with can use the business. The other factor is these companies get swamped as soon as the weather turns hot or cold.  Remember always have someone with you. When it comes to repairs inside your home you can do most of them by yourself. You have to keep in mind that many of the employees and the 2 major home improvement stores are not trained in all aspects of the issues you may be facing.  My years working in Condominiums taught me how to fix things and not spend a lot money. Condo. Boards can be real funny about such things.

When it comes to the issue of electricity you need to understand there is nothing to be afraid of as long as you treat it with respect. The junction box is to be handled by a   professional. That is not a place for amateurs. Here is an interesting fact about electricity. The 110 volts that you have that you use as plugs in your home is actually pretty safe. You can actually hold 110 volts in your hand. You will get a shock on the 220 volts will send you flying.



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