Is Your Heart Open to Change in Business?

For many business people they feel that since they have arrived at work on time they have done their part and are ready for work? They sit down at their desk and away they go with the same routine day after day. The problem is they very often come to work with a closed mind and are pretty set in their ways. The question is do you fall into that category? Sadly many do. Failure to not open your heart in business is a fatal mistake. Being open minded doesn’t mean that you mindlessly follow what someone says and does. It does mean that you engage in the work environment with a positive and joyful spirit. There are days that it just isn’t in you and that is going to happen. The key there not  letting that becoming the norm.  So is your heart open? If not you need to take a good look in the mirror and try and figure out why that is the case.


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