Liberals Need To Grow Up!

Lets get some facts straight here and now. Liberals with your constant whining and complaining really makes you look like little children who need to be put in time out! While CNN ( Clinton News Network) and MSNBC spout your propaganda. The rest of America sits back and looks at your garbage on and has some major concerns about your mindsets. Liberals live in a world that free speech only applies to them. On colleges around the country invited speakers are routinely having to cancel their appearances because of the fear of physical harm. I thought college was a place where different ideas could be openly debated without fear and in doing so you would create a more well rounded student as they enter the real world? The federal government really needs to address the issue of funding these colleges that allow only certain voices to be heard.

Here is another myth that liberals like trying to exploit in the age of cable news. That myth is that the entire country is on fire because of the election of President Donald Trump. The truth is there are over 300 million citizens in the country and what is being shown on cable news is like spitting in the ocean. Those of us who live in the real world have more pressing needs than to watch a bunch of spoiled brats screaming about subjects that they have no idea what they are talking about. These constant attacks on President Trump is only hurting your cause if you truly have one. That is part of your problem. You lost an election that by all rights you shouldn’t have and now its we will attack everything no matter what.  This garbage about Hillary Clinton had over 3 million more votes means nothing. That leads to the question that always comes up after an election and whether or not the Electoral College should be done away with?

Here is the reality about that. If you would go to a straight to a popular vote the candidates would campaign in the following states and none other. They would be California,Texas,Illinois,Florida, Georgia ( maybe) New York, Pennsylvania  and Ohio and that would be pretty much it. Hillary Clinton with all of the money she spent never put 1 foot in the state of Wisconsin. Why would they go to other states?

I know one thing for sure if the liberal democrats continue to walk down this road they one day will take 1 to many steps and the causes the claim to support will never get support.


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