“Run For The Roses 50 years of Fighting Depression.”​.

In my current project “Run For The Roses 50 years of Fighting Depression.” I take a long look back at how it has been over the 5 decades for me living with depression and the reasons behind it. It’s something that has been very enlightening  for me. In a careful look back it has open my eyes to things I never thought about and frankly in many ways the depression became an excuse and for many if they are truly honest I suspect that have too. Those were times when mental health issues and millions were put into sanatoriums, locked and drugged up at forgotten about. Although the sanatoriums are physically gone I contend that in many ways they are not with the overuse of medications. It’s basically a physical building verses untold millions of people taking medications to avoid the real issues they face. Here is a fact of life that will never change. There are times life sucks. It’s called life for a reason.

Lets debunk this whole suicide thing. If someone truly wants to end their life they will and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. Not you or me. The reality is that most suicide attempts fail and can lead to a wide range of health issues. Those folks who tell the world they are going to kill themselves are seeking attention. However there are those who truly have severe mental health issues and they need and deserve all the help we can give them. I have been in that suicide ” hole” and rational thought goes out the window. There are all these “experts” who talk about the warning signs after something happens. The thing is people with true suicidal thoughts are great at putting on a great public face.  I have been there on more than one occasion through the years. I have had an open invitation for years to those in the mental health community that I will tell the true story about how it is to live with this stuff for so long. As of yet there have been zero takers. Of course the one condition is I won’t sugar coat it. There is the good the bad and the ugly. I wonder what they are so afraid of?



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