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Caregivers Are Often Angels But They Don’t See It.

Caregivers come in many shapes,sizes and colors. The can be young,old,single or married. For many they have this vision of an aging parent being taken care of by their adult children. In many cases that is true but for some it is totally different. Being a caregiver makes you challenge yourself in ways you never expected were possible. There is this lingering doubt internally about if you are doing it right? There are no absolute rules about what is right and wrong for your situation. So the question comes down to what you are comfortable with inside of you. To the outside world they blow in and out with their options and leave. Those are people who I like to refer to as “noise makers”. They like to make noise but they really are of no help. Caregivers are angels in so many ways and yet they get so caught up in caring for their loved one they forget about themselves. There is this constant battle within themselves that often results in this question of if they do something for themselves they feel guilty. Caregivers are angels in so many ways and the sad part is they don’t realize it. So if you know a caregiver give them some encouragement for in many ways they like their loved one feel so alone.

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One Way Relationships In Business Can Be Fatal.

For many of us in life we know we have relationships that if we are honest to ourselves we know it’s a relationship that is really a case of you doing all the giving and the other person just takes. It simply wears you out and at some point you give up on the relationship.

Why should business relationships be any different? It can mean the end to your business and honestly you need to constantly review the status of your business relationships or you can look around one day and wonder happened?

Here is a fact about business and life. About 90 to 95% are just passing through your life. There is a very small percentage that will be around for an extended period of time. So do you want to hang on to business relationships that can sink your business or weed out those who are part of a truly one sided relationship?