Pills In Mental Health Have We Gone to Far?

What many  doctors have done to patients is probably a criminal act if not legally most certainty ethically. It has become a cottage industry. The patient walks into a doctors office saying they are depressed and instead of trying to figure out why the patient feels the way they do. Passing out pills like they are candy does nothing to help the person. Or they are directed to a list of mental health professionals that claim they are taking new patients only to find out they are not. It can be a very frustrating  and some people simply give up. This is about saving lives and through all of this there has become this notion  that medicines are the magic solution. They are not and never will be. This is extremely important to remember. If you are dealing with a mental health professional and they repeatedly change your medications find someone else. Any changes should be made very slowly and with great care.  With the help of mine I have gone from 8 pills down to 2 and the goal is zero which I suspect it may be able to get down to 1. However this has been a slow process that has taken a couple of years to achieve. As  a patient you need to get control as to what you are putting into your body. So the answer to the headline is that doctors have gone way to far in their giving out of pills. The next time you meet with your mental provider there is one question you must ask and that is this. What are the long term ramifications of the pills I am on? If they can’t answer that question then move on.


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