Teenage Brains and Mental Health

One of the interesting observations about teens observing other teens and their actions that there might be signs of a mental health crisis is that on some level we are putting teens in a situation that mentally they are not capable of that kind of skill and insight. The general consensus is that the human brain in most cases doesn’t fully develop until somewhere around their mid 20’s. So where is the logic in that? On it’s base there is none. Does that mean we should throw up our hands and not teach teens not to tell an adult if they sense a potential problem? Of course not. For many adults if they are honest with themselves when they look back on their teen years their minds were on  something else.  To be fair to teens today they face a different kind of pressure than we faced a very long time ago. We dealt with things like the possibility of all out nuclear war,Presidential assassinations,the civil rights movement etc.. Today they face all of this social media stuff and for many young women they are being told by society that if they are not a size 3 then what is wrong with them? ( As a side note young ladies the vast majority of men are not attracted to a size 3 young woman) There is this constant barrage for both teen boys and girls that they try and process everyday and then on top of that they are being asked to try and determine if a young person they see might be having some kind of mental health issue?  So is it fair to ask them to try and get inside a fellow teens mind? On that one I think adults need to be really careful that they don’t dump to much on their teens. The harsh reality is if a teen has his or her mind set to hurt themselves or others can it ever truly be stopped? That is the question to ponder…………


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