Dead Trees and Depression Have More in Common Than One Might Think

While cutting down some trees the outside of many looked worn and tired with hollow insides. Some of these tress were probably 30 years old if not older. Yet on the outside in many  they still gave the appearance  that nothing could make them fall. Isn’t that the same approach that many with depression give off?  They give an outside appearance that they may be worn but they are still strong. Just like the old tress appearances can be deceiving.  The truth is on the inside they are just as hollow. There is one major difference between the two. The old tree gets cut down, chopped up and thrown away. On the other hand someone with depression has the  chance  to fill in that hollow inside and lead a productive and enjoyable life. There is hope just don’t hang out with too many chain saws for they will cut you down just the same as the old tree.


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