Depression Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Enjoy Life

Depression and all of it’s variations doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life. There is that mindset with many that since they are fighting depression they can’t enjoy life. Except those with very serious mental issues many have a choice. There are those who spend their life playing the victim card. There is a world renown Minister who has shared that when he was doing counseling ( his church is to large for him to do that anymore) people would  come into his office with some variation of ” you don’t know what I’m going through”. His response was ” No I don’t and I don’t want to”. It wasn’t that he didn’t care about others but he felt that rehashing things that happened 30 years ago really wasn’t being productive and by doing so every bodies time was being wasted. I personally find those who play the victim card rather annoying. People have the right to be like that but I prefer they stay away from me! Enjoying life with depression is possible. There are some lessons that needed to be learned. The first thing is you have to make a choice if you are serious about it. If not you are simply wasting your time. You have to give yourself the right to take a deep breath. You need to understand that when you lay your head on the pillow at night you have to live with the choices you made. I could give you a long and storied list of the mistakes I have made and how would that change things? It wouldn’t. If you really want to have any hope of enjoying life to any degree you must take responsibility for your actions. This garbage about because of what I have gone through I have the right to treat people badly. No you don’t and neither do I.  Is it easy? Not at all. Will you stumble? Yes. ( I have on many occasions) You need  to get rid of anyone who is negative in your life? Either they are part of the solution or part of the problem. If they are the latter then they need to go. Trust me that is not easy but with certain people it had to be done. So sit back relax and smell the roses because there is hope!


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