Depression Rules Not What You Might Think!

I know there are mental health professionals out there who think you have to be serious about this stuff 24 hours a day. Give me a break. So I have come up with some rules from over 5 decades of dealing with this stuff.

1.} There is no quick fix and medicines that will make everything better overnight. They simply are not there.

2} If you are a married man and fighting depression your spouse may love you but she is still in charge!

3} If the one you care about the most is someone that you can’t go to and tell them that things are getting scary for you then you need to think about that relationship  again.

4} Be aware of you environment. On cloudy days you have to get yourself around other people. Fast food places are a good place to go. You are around people but you don’t have to answer any questions about how you feel.

5} Take control of the medicines you are on. Never let anyone else pour out your medicines for you unless they are a trained medical professional.

6} There is no need to focus on this stuff every waking second. Give yourself a break.

7} Drinking,taking medicines and driving are never a good idea.

8} This the toughest one by far. You need someone in your life whose only concern is your well being. That wipes out a good  portion of the people in your life.

9} Not every counseling session has to be about serious issues. It ok to laugh and stop putting so much pressure on yourself.

10} Remember this is a marathon and not a sprint.


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