Depression Do You Have Enough Tools?

There are a multitude of studies who come up with all kinds of things you should do and not do to fight depression. The question is do you have enough tools in your tool pouch that meets your needs? The operative two words are ” your needs”not someone else’s. You see at it’s core like all medicine is science. Science (as most know) is not exact and therefore people need to be really careful about putting tools in their tool pouch that does not work for them. As an example: A roofer would not take a pillow to repair a leaky roof. Then why do many people in their attempt to fight off depression take whatever is thrown at them? In fairness to many in the medical community they are honest hardworking people trying to make a difference. In many ways the odds are stacked against them. They suffer from the lack of funding and insurance companies who just refuse to treat mental health the same as physical health.  Which is wrong. So the next time some wants to give you something to help with your depression ask yourself this question. Does it have a place in my tool pouch? The thing is everyone’s tool pouch is different. 


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