The Story of The Missouri Mule and Lessons in Business

This is the story of the Missouri mule and a very valuable lesson for those in the business world.

As the story goes there was this farmer near the Missouri Arkansas state line.  He had this old mule that he knew whose time had come for he was no longer of any use. So the farmer just couldn’t bring himself to kill the mule. As he pondered how he could solve this dilemma  he came up with what he thought would be the answer. His solution was to dig a deep hole and put the mule in it. He did so and started to  dump trash into the hole and over the mule. The mule had come up with his own solution. Every time the farmer would dump trash on him he would brush of the trash and stand on it. This went on for several days until one the mule stepped out of the hole and simply walked away. You see the mule wasn’t afraid to look at his situation and come up with his own plan while the farmer was looking for an easy way out.

The question becomes a simple one for those in business. Are you going to be the farmer or the mule?


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