Many Mental Health Professionals Resistant to Looking at Alternative Treatments

Many mental health professionals are resistant to looking at alternative forms of treatments. The question is why? Well for one thing many have a vested interest in keeping things the way they are now. As a patient you have no idea the ties your mental health professionals might have with a drug company. There are certain doctors who prefer a certain way of doing things and that can lead to a big problem for you as a patient. Treating a mental health condition is NOT a one size fits all proposition.  Many are simply lazy about looking at other forms of treatment. If it doesn’t fit into their “little box” of treatment plans they simply ignore it. I had a orthopedic surgeon tell me one time that he was not opposed to alternative forms of treat. He said ” the Chinese have been doing things for over 4000 years so they must be doing something right” For many it flies in the face of what many consider trained in western medicine were taught. The average human brain weighs about 3 lbs. Think about that for a second. Something that is so small can be so complicated. For thousands of years humans have been trying to solve it’s puzzle. Looking into alternative forms of treatment surely couldn’t hurt. For those who think pills are still the answer think of this for a second. How are you hurting your body by just pumping pills into your system?  In reality there is no way to answer that question. Scary thought.


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