Crassness in Business Can Hurt Your Bottom Line.

Over the last 30 years or so many believe that as a culture we have become crasser to each other. Just look around at your daily routine and it will not be hard to find. On a national level for many it’s gotten to the point where you simply watch something else. This started well over 30 years ago. So with all of this crassness going around how can it not hurt your bottom line? The first thing employers have to understand is that your employees do not live in a bubble. In their daily lives they deal with many of the same issues that you face. You need to create an environment in which employees feel like if they have a different views on a business topic they can be heard without fear of reprisal. Their is a time and place for discussing issues of the day but the workplace is NOT that place. Their are those times that as an employer you must make tough decisions that employees will not like and that is why they call you the employer. A technique that many professional sports teams is they have a group of veteran players that serve like a council that meet with the coaching staff on a regular basis to discuss what other players are feeling and what changes that they would like to review. The important thing is that there is an open line of communication.

Crassness in the culture is something you can’t change but the environment in which your employees work you can and in the end your bottom line will grow and you will have better relations with your employees and besides isn’t that the right thing to do?


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