Non-Profits Their Own Worst Enemy?

The issue of non-profits is an interesting one that in ways is confusing and sad. For many in the community the only time they hear from non-profits is during the holiday season asking for money. For many that simply turns people off to giving anything. However it is understandable why non-profits do it. For many people it is a tradition to give at that time. Which is fine. Some people feel pressured to give. The fact is the needs of those less fortunate are a 365 day a year thing. For many non-profits they are understaffed and are constantly trying to find different sources of revenue are in competition  with other non-profits to secure the same funding. There is a certain sadness to it if you stop and think about the constant struggle for funding. For many as they age their spouses give them instructions to make a donation in their name when something happens to them. The question then becomes which one? Non-profits are they their worst enemy? I don’t know but I do know the needs of others less fortunate don’t happen just during the winter months. I also know that for those out there who have this false idea that they could never become homeless you need to look again. Former President Bill  Clinton said that for a generation that fought against the establishment  we have become the most materialistic society in human history. He is right and for many non-profits they try and fill in the gap each and every day.  Which in the end is a noble cause.


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