Aging Parents Have The Right To Say They Are Done!

As our parents age there is this concept with many adult children that they have the right to know everything about their parents health. Except in certain situations that require special needs then adult children need to shut up! Just because your parents reach a certain age that doesn’t mean they have to share all of their medical information with you! If THEY choose to then than is fine. If not it’s none of your business. These same adult children who want to know so much about their parents health withhold information about their health all the time.

They also have the right to say they are done fighting the fight and shouldn’t be bullied by adult children to keep on fighting. It’s their life and not yours! Your role as an adult child is to support their decision about their life. Keep in mind if it wasn’t for them you wouldn’t be here in the first place!

Garage/Yard Sales Do’s and Don’t.

It’s that time of year again when garage and yard sales pop up like the spring flowers. There are 2 kinds of people who have these events. The first is the one who is just getting rid of stuff and the other who wants you to pony up bucks for the stupid mistakes they made.  It’s easy to tell which is which. When going to one of these events never walk up and ask a price about something first. Take your time and listen to the conversations that the selling person has with other potential buyers. The ones who are expecting you to bail them out stand out in about 5 seconds. The one’s trying to just get rid of their stuff are the one’s you want to deal with and they are much more willing to drop prices. Remember your job is to get the best deal for yourself not to make up for someone else’s mistake. You are not a charity. I saw a garage sale recently in which all they had was large exercise equipment. Besides not being practical for potential buyers ( i.e. who drives around in something big enough  to carry that stuff away?)   have  never gone to garage/yard sale to buy exercise equipment.  So remember your first thing to make the best deal for you! Another thing that crossed my mind while writing about this subject. If people are so lazy that they throw their stuff on the ground and expect me to bend over to look at it that won’t happen. If they don’t have enough respect to elevate things for their potential buyer’s then why should buyer’s bend over because the seller is being lazy?