Helping Hands Feel So Good

There are times in life that you never know what to expect. Today I had a day that turned out so much better than I could have ever expected.  To be around people who genuinely care about others and the level of that was truly amazing. It’s been a long time since I have experienced such a feeling.  It was refreshing on so many levels. These people were so positive and it was the kind of positive that you can’t fake. It’s been a long day but as I sit here I can’t help but think my heart touched in ways I never expected and for me that is somewhat scary.

Little Things Are What Matters

As we go through life we quickly come to realize that it’s the small things that really matter. I could write about some very complicated subjects but the things that are the  most important are those that people have done to make life more enjoyable. Often these things happen when you least expect it. The real truth about life is that we never know what is going on in someone’s life and they don’t with yours. I know there have been times in which I felt my world collapsing  around me when someone has reached out to offer a kind word or gesture.  As we age and begin to reflect on our life’s journey it’s the small things you remember not the big stuff or the arguments. For those of you are younger you need to stop and enjoy the roses of life because one day you will wake up and wonder what happened to all the years. They go by so fast and all of the time you spent on so many important things fade like a wisp of wind blowing across spring meadow.  As I like to say ” I have no idea what my parents got me for Christmas in 1965″ ( yes I am that old)  but I can tell you about a kind woman a couple of years ago who offered to feed me with her cafeteria discount just to make sure I was ok. Failure to realize it’s the little things in life that matter is a huge mistake that one day you will come to regret.

Time Together with An Old Friend

This afternoon I met with an old friend someone who has seen me at my worst and at my best yet things were different. The long talks we used to have about the issues of the day and history were gone. Instead we talked about issues that many face as they age. The time together was much shorter. As I drove home and tears flowed down my face the realization hit that these times are becoming less frequent and this could have been the last time for one of our chats. Of course I hope not but the reality is at some point it will be the last. It’s called life and  sometimes you can’t help but wonder the fairness of it all.