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Father In Me

As a new year is upon us I can’r help but think of the man that whose wisdom guides me each day.

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2 Years Ago A Wonderful Medical Team Pulled Off Something That The Medical Books Still Can’t Figure Out Why?

There are times in life that you can recall where you were and why. This time 2 years ago I was walking the halls of a hospital that I had done just 9 days earlier. I am not one of those who like to sit in waiting rooms so I walk especially in this hospital. I remember someone in the hospital cafe’ complaining that she should get a coupon because it her order took to long. I also remember as a was walking a cafe’ worker walked up to me and asked if she could ask me a question? That was ok. She asked me if I had enough money to get me something to eat and if I didn’t we could go use her employee discount to make sure I had something to eat? Of course that was not necessary but this is just one example of how the kindness has helped so much through this process. Later that night after the 2 second surgery within 9 days her surgeon walked and said ” it has been a long day for all of us”.  It had been and he took me to see her. Now 2 years later I still have her and we laugh about the good times and ironically really don’t spend much time talking about her health stuff. One day in a conversation with a doctor we got talking about her health. He commented that he has had patients make it through this stuff. I suspect it’s 2 reason. The first being her faith. The second ( as her doctor said after the second surgery) she is one tough broad.  No matter how bad things get we can always laugh. We are closer than ever before.



On more than one occasion she has thanked me for saving her life. I know I did but I still struggle with that concept.  Maybe one day I can talk to God about that concept?