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Writers See The World As One Big Jigsaw Puzzle

I have wrote about this subject is a previous post but thought more clarity on how people who truly love to write see the world. There are those who write about their daily lives while others are novelist etc. Then there are those of who write just because we love it. Our writings are based on years of experiences and changing  views  of the world. They are very seldom a fact  based endeavor on what is currently going on in their lives. Normally its a combination of a variety of subjects with many twist and turns. I chuckle sometimes when people claim that they saw a post that revealed what is directly going on in my heart.  Sometimes there are bits and pieces but rarely the whole story. For those of us who love to write finding the time to sit and write sometimes can be a struggle and highly frustrating. So the jigsaw changes and for that I am eternally grateful.

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Having Her Back Always

As 2018 is here now we can move on to more important things. The subject of marriage comes to mind. Being someone who has been married a long time one thing that my wife has no doubts about.

I always have her back and and that will never change. I have moved mountains for her in the past and I will again in about 2 seconds if that long.  I simply am not in a popularity contest when it comes to her well being. It’s not open for debate. 


Just think over 20 years ago we met over a christian singles ad. Her first reaction was I was too young for her.  It was sort of evident that our marriage was not real popular on both sides of the family. Our massive list of wedding gifts consist of 1 toaster, 2 lottery tickets and $25. Not a ringing endorsement to say the least. At the time there were more important issues that took a very long time to get straighten out. It took almost a decade to get it done. The question has been asked if it was worth it all?  It has and whatever lies ahead it will get figured out I will always have her back no matter what!

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Snow Globes And Life

As a slight snow falls just like this snow globe with each flake falling differently with each shake is a reminder of life’s twist and turns. For those who claim they can predict the future I would ask them to check out the old physic hotline. If they could predict the future then how come they didn’t know that the FBI was getting ready to knock down their doors? Life will hit you in ways that you never expect and sometimes you just have to hold on for the ride. I once heard a pastor lament that he was sick and tired of people asking him about the future so much so that in one sermon he breached the subject. He basically said for those of us over 35 and knowing the pain we have gone through so far do we really want to know what the pain and suffering might bring? That shut some people up real fast. You see he didn’t know it at the time but he was referring to a snow globe and all the different flakes and how they fall in your life.